Infections and and what they can cause in human system

Signs of infection

Strong infection are hardly to cure , the more they remain in a human body is the more they cause a lot of damage in the cells , infection can occur some sign and reactions in the human body both internal and external.

Sign of infection

Some women and men notice constant removing of unwanted air in their anus , but it occurs mostly in woman, this infection become transfer to men when they MIT their pattern with out a protective robber called condom their by transfers to the immune system this cause wick ejaculation in men but in women it causes discharge of sperm in the women most conceive part this now result to unnormal combination of the eggs in the womb , some time you see some rashes in your body or in your privet part this result from some harmful bacterial in your stomach ,

Weakness and pain occurring in the body

Some time you feel some lost of strength, pains in the joint and headache this result from a movement of some bacteria’s in the immune system there by causing the boasting of the system to be unstable by this occurring you feel wick and pains some times headache in you body , the bacteria will change the normal post of the body but don’t panic for I am here I chidera, Emmanuel, prince nweke will help you to solve the problem contact me on (07043368971) call me so that normal treatment from natural herbs will take place , please like my page on people health research leadership and also in my blog ( if you like this please like and comment on my page and blog , just check my blog in the google with the address and my page in the Facebook , thanks as you do so , live it love it

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