Among the many put offs that people would be glad to be without , bad breath is one that would rank high in the realms of social life. Techñically called halitosis , it is one of the most prominent reasons that people are seeking dental help for .


Postnasal drip , respiratory and tonsil infections, sinus problem , diabetes liver and kidney issues ,as well as certain blood disorder can cause bad breath in some rarer causes bad breath could be a sign of cancer or other serious condition like metabolic disorder.

Their are certain thing that cause bad breath , which is helicobucter

Helicopter .helicopter is a genus of gram negative Bacteria processing a characteristic helical shape . they are were initially considered to be a metmber of the genus .

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Bad breath can have causes that aren’t due to underlying disease. Examples include poor dental hygiene, dehydration or recently eating certain foods like onions or garlic.

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Gum disease

A serious gum infection that damages gums and can destroy the jawbone.

Symptoms may include

Bad breathToothacheSwelling

Dental plaque

A sticky film that coats teeth and contains bacteria.

Symptoms may include

Bad breathBleeding gumsTooth loss

Acid reflux

A digestive disease in which stomach acid or bile irritates the food pipe lining.

Symptoms may include

Bad breathBitter tasteHeartburn and acid reflux


A form of gum disease that causes inflamed gums.

Symptoms may include

Bad breathBleeding gumsMouth ulcers

Tonsil stones

A lump of calcified material in the tonsils, the fleshy pads at the back of the throat.

Symptoms may include

Bad breathAsymptomaticSore throat

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Bad breath

Home remedies for bad

1: salt water : in case of bad breath , you need to gargle warm water, with adequate and tolerable amount of rock salt , added to it . salt has the inherent capacity to nullify bacterial and to sterilise the area area that it is exposed to .regular gargling of warm water and salt every morning immediately after you brush your teeth and every night before you go to bed is a useful and effective home remedy for bad breath

Mint leaves _ mint generally refers to spearmint , which is a flowering plant with a host of health benefit. All you need to do is to have a bunch of fresh mint leaves at hand, which you could keep chewing , especially after meals.

Parsley – like mint leaves , chewing a bunch of parsley leaves regularly, or after you have had strong smelling food such as garlic or onions, is an effective home remedy for bad breath . how ever , it is advisable to use caution in the case of pregnant women, as consumption of parsley in large quantities is not advised for pregnant ladies

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