How To Clean Your Kidneys and Avoid Dialysis ( Using Garden Egg Leaves.)

·       Cut the leaves into pieces.
·       Rinse in clean water.
·       Put in a clean pot with clean water.
·       Boil for 10 minutes. Filter it in a bottle.
Allow to cool and take a glass cup. When you urinate, check your urine. You will notice the salt in the body and some other diseases that can affect your KIDNEY will pass through your urine.
Garden egg leaves is also a fantastic blood tonic!
Wash and drink the juice only or mix with liquid milk. it has a yummy taste. You’ll sleep off while the cup is in your hand 

 The leaves of Garden egg are used in making soups especially Okro. It quickly gets soft so put it in the soup after you have turned off the fire. Cover the pot and allow it to coo

we shall discuss brively about this leave called a Ewedu it is we use in our Odin day but we has forget now but i nweke chidera Emmanuel we flash your memories back mark to day date 11 December 2019 if you test it if what i said is true please try to comment . The rate of cesarean section (C.S) birth is increasing by the day. If you recall in the olden days there are logical orthodox method in which our Fore fathers and traditional healers used to protect the offspring and the life of the mother from any difficulty from child birth. It’s very rare those days to see or hear of a case of a woman dying at child birth or a long labour challenge. This has changed with modern ways and junk eating habits that has currently made more than 70 % baby deliverance to come through surgical , Nature and God gave us Ewedu Leaves known as (EWE ABIWERE) Meaning (leaf of Safe delivery).It’s called Jute leaves in English Language, Igbo people call it Achingbara, Hausa call it LALO and it botanically known as Corchorus Olitorius.God has indeed blessed us with herbs…”It is simply nature”.It has been observed especially among the Yoruba speaking community of Nigeria that pregnant women who eat ewedu soup made from ewedu leaves frequently experience quick, smooth, almost painless delivery.
🤰🌿🤰Quick Delivery: When a pregnant woman is having a hard labour, get a bunch of draw leaf (Ewedu) and squeeze with the stem for once and let her take it; it will lubricate the system for easy delivery. It is also good for prevention from 6 months pregnancy.
This leaf (Ewedu) is clearly rich in micro nutrients, and these micro nutrients aid in reducing the chances of illness in body especially for the baby in the inner side.
It is a green leafy edible vegetable that is prepared into the delicious slimy soup called ewedu. The leaf is rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, iron, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, proteins, fibers, Vitamins A, C and E, riboflavin, niacin and foliate. These are nutrients that help the body to fight diseases and maintain good health.
🌿🌿This leaf is very essential for the mother and the baby, it will avail pregnant women to look fresh, beautiful and energetic because the leaf contains vitamins that are very important as an antioxidant which will help the loss of waste water through the skin, thus reducing the wrinkles that are the main cause of pregnant mask.
🌿🌿Not only that Vitamins A, C, and E contained in Ewe Abiwere is the key to shrink off tissue damage that can cause cancer and the effectiveness of antioxidants and lignin that can provide protection against the development of cancer cells.
Not only that, the calcium in ewewdu helps offspring to gain healthy structure , bones formation and the baby will have strong teeth and stamina in his life time. In addition, it is also contain useful phosphorus to maintain bone density. Thus, bone can avoid the danger of osteoporosis.
So, consuming Ewedu every day will give health to bone and teeth of both mother and the baby. Vitamin E in ewedu can work to reduce pain for the mother and also increase stamina. Ewedu has been known to be a remedy for pregnant women experiencing prolonged labour. A bunch of ewedu leaves squeezed with the stem can be given to her to drink. It has also been discovered that Ewedu leaves to aid milk secretion in lactating mothers…..
🤰🌿🤰How to prepare it for easy delivery
(1). Gather this leaf, preferably the fresh one, wash it very Properly
(2). Add little water, Squeeze it properly and filter it to get the juice.
(3). Drink it without adding anything.
🌿🤰Other Method of preparation
👉 Some people prefer the cook one with locust beans without adding salt, and they will take half cup as a dosage but is not as good as the one you prepare with water and take raw.Note.
1. Please, this is not meant for 2 to 6 month pregnancy. The leaf may not have the potential acid to terminate pregnant but it can sanction the baby to come prematurely.
This is the most, if not the only best, herb for the pregnancy of 7 to 8 month above. In this stage there is no over dose if it because your baby will continue to grow normally.
For the baby that Stand in the womb abnormally such as bridge, which is one of the reasons that precipitate CS, just get water Mellon, blended properly and get water juice, use it to squeeze the above mentioned leaf, this will help reposition your baby to turn to the normal position.
For those who have pelvic tight issue, use this leaf to prepare local soap that will space the door for the offspring.
For the unstoppable blood after birth, the Woman will not use this herb twice before the blood will regulate.

~ Studies show that the extracts of nchanwuplant (O. gratissimum) contain anti-fungal properties.
~ The scent leaf can be used in the treatment of cough and catarrh when inhaled.
~ Scent leaf can be infused and used as a remedy for stomach disorder such as gastroenteritis.
~ Nchanwu leaf can be used to treat stomach pain, diarrhoea, cholera, chronic dysentery and vomiting especially if blended and infused together with the leaves of P. sentalinoides.
~ Nchanwu leaves can also act as a repellent to mosquitoes and other insects.
~ The nchanwu leaves can be used for preventing and treating malaria, catarrh, cough and fever.
~ The essential oil of scent leaf contains eugenol, which has antibacterial properties.
~ Squeezed nchanwu juice can be used for treating convulsion.
~ The essential oil present in nchanwu leaves contain anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiseptics properties.
~ The Ibo people of the Eastern part of Nigeria uses the nchanwu juice in caring for baby’s cord.
~ The Igbos believe that the nchanwu juice helps a lot in sterilizing the wound surface of a baby’s cord until the wound is healed.
~ Nchanwu is also used for treating gout and fungal infections.
~ Nchanwu plant is diaphoretic and anti-convulsant in nature.
~ The aqueous extracts of the scented leaf can be taken to relief earache and colon pains.
~ Squeezed nchanwu leaves are applied on the skin for treating skin diseases and ringworm.
~ Nchanwu seeds can be infused for treating urinary infections and gonorrhoea.
~ Nchanwu roots when boiled together with Jatropha curcas leaves and xylopia aethiopicafruit can be given to children to boost their strength and energy.
~ Nutritionally, Nchanwu leaf is very aromatic, which suggests why it is used for flavouring, spicing and seasoning food, soups and dishes.
~ Nchanwu oil can be used as a foodpreservative due to its anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties.
This post is for enlightenment purposes only and should not be used as a replacement for professional diagnosis and treatments. Remember to always consult your health care provider before making any health-related decisions or for counselling, guidance and treatment about a specific medical condition.
The root of the plant is used to make extracts and oils. 
It can also be eaten fresh. Ginger helps to prevent nausea and protects the stomach against ulcers. 
It also contains active ingredients with pain relieving properties. Should not be used by people suffering from gallstones.
Aloe vera contains a gel squeezed from the leaves which can ease the pain of burns and grazes
This is a tropical succulent plant that contains a gel which is squeezed from the leaves. 
The gel can ease the pain of burns and grazes. It also is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and soothes eczema. 
A mouthwash is good for sore gums. Whole leaf tincture can be taken to relieve constipation, although aloe vera should not be taken internally during pregnancy.


Garlic may have a role to play in preventing some kinds of cancer, including stomach cancer
This is a pungent bulb that belongs to the onion family. Can be eaten daily or taken as pills. 
It contains the natural antiseptic, allicin, and helps to support the immune system. 
Taken regularly, it may help to ward off coughs and colds. It is also effective against sinusitis and intestinal worms. 
The fresh juice is a natural remedy for skin fungal infections. 
It may have a role to play in preventing some kinds of cancer, including stomach cancer. Eating fresh parsley will reduce the smell.

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