their is many type of infections and organism that are responsible for it thats the fact they, no one that can give a testimony that he or she don’t possess one infections or another ,we got it through what we eat or drink in our daily life ,all the liquid that is not purify that we take in our body such as rain water , rake water , some also take in well water that is not set to normal dept etc this water’s contains an organic remain and are not stable for drinking, some village take in this water with out boiling it or purifying it due to poor in educative system or news but don’t worry that why i created this web site ,if you fellow me up you will discover many thing’s that you don’t know , in my next writing i will write down type of infection and how to solve it ,

Published by Chidera Emmanuel

my name is nweke chidera Emmanuel am born at my4 hospital abakiliki but reside in enugu


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